Company profile
We work in textile business since 1951, operating in various fields: haute couture fabrics, wedding-dress fabricssportswear and lingerie clothing, underclothing and pyjamas clothing. Moreover we propose every kind of yarns and fabrics, raw and colored, cotton-made and mixed ones.

Nowadays in Puglia and in the Middle-South of Italywe represent qualified textile companies, Italian and foreign ones, with a service that exceeds the simple service. We establish with our clients a cooperation, a service and a consulting that holds in time. Our half Century of experience in our areas allow us to deeply know trends, requirements and habits of clients who can find in Dehò a valid and constant reference for consulting and purchases.

We keep a wide attention to distribution and exclusivity of dealed products and we know the market at each level from direct import, passing by wholesale dealer, to specialized retailer. A relation so direct and outspoken with each member of the supply-chain, that allows us to deeply catch requirements of each client. and to do our best in satisfying them.

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